Институт экономики, управления и права The RSUH Institute for Economics, Management and Law

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The RSUH Institute for Economics, Management and Law director's address to the University entrants
The Institute for Economics, Management and Law welcomes future business leaders of the 21st century!
Managers, lawyers, and economists are those who are to tackle the most challenging problems facing Russia at a new stage of development.
RSUH is famous for it high academic standards. Along with comprehensive humanitarian education the graduates get basic and applied knowledge in a wide range of disciplines.
Our mission is to provide sophisticated educational programmes that prepare students for challenging careers. Highly qualified professionals are to support the country's economic and social reforms and meet social needs. The training of managers, economists and lawyers is not just a short-term goal, but the fulfillment of a social order.
Our main objective is to form the ability to think clearly, with deep insight into problems.  Extensive professional training is combined with in-depth education of broad-minded intellectuals, capable of debating with respect for the opponents and take effective decisions.
Professors and associate professors, doctors of science, corresponding members and academics as well as foreign specialists are waiting for you. A whole new world of knowledge is ahead.
Welcome to the RSUH Institute for Economics, Management and Law.
The RSUH Institute for Economics, Management and Law was established in 1995. It consists of three departments - the Department of Management, the Department of Economics and the Department of Law.

Particular emphasis is placed on solid, intellectually demanding  humanitarian education
together with training in fundamental professional skills that are relevant to practice
We offer a sophisticated career and professional development support, professional internship 

The Institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the specialist areas and a wide range of programmes at the graduate level.
The graduates get Specialist, Masters and Bachelors degrees.

The programmes prepare the students either for career or for further academic study.

Career options
consultants, experts and officials in public, federal, and local governing bodies as well as in judicial body and advocacy.
(with prosecution authorities  in law court)  and private sectors (advocacy, private notary offices)
in public and private spheres (public funds)
research institutions and higher education institutions
public service organizations inside government
positions in organizations contracting with governmental bodies.