The motto "You deserve the best. Professionals teach professionals"

Postal address: Miusskaya sq, 6, Moscow, GSP-3, 125993, Russia 
Tel.: +7(495) 250-62-94

The RSUH Institute for Economics, Management and Law was established in 1995.
It was founded on the basis of the department of document processing of the Moscow State Archives Institute. Since the year of 1965 the Institute was one of the leaders in graduating professionals in management.
Graduate profile
The graduates are equipped with  in-depth knowledge  in humanitarian, socio-economic spheres, in law and management. Students have expertise and skills that are relevant to practice. They are capable of  decision-making in a challenging market environment, can apply analytical skills  in practical strategic settings. Graduates tackle problems, facing businesses using  the experience in strategic planning, human resource management, marketing, project management, IT etc.

The Department of Management within the RSUH Institute of Economics, Management and Law includes four sub-departments:

  • Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Economic and Management Modeling
  • Marketing and Advertising
    All four sub-departments are issuing.

The Department offers six courses including:

  • Organizational Management (specializations — International Management, Business Enterprising)
  • State and Municipal Management,
  • Human Resources Management,
  • Advertising (specialization — Advertisingand Marketing Communications)
  • Marketing (specialization — Marketing in Foreign-Economic Activity)
  • International Relations (specialization International Humanitarian Collaboration).
    In addition, a new course in Logistics is planned to run. More than a hundred highly qualified faculty members already work here.

The Department now comprises of over 900 ordinary students, around 300 evening and correspondence students and over 100 students studying for a second degree. The fundamental quality of student education and RSUH’s reputation allows graduates to find their place on the labour-market. The part of the students grounds in key directions. Potential employers are represented by institutions, enterprises and organizations of various ownerships. Years of fruitful work has brought about significant investment in strengthening authorities, and most of all, city and municipal structures by qualified staff.

The Department of Management is one of the most important. It provides specialists grounding in a wide range of professional and special disciplines such as the history of management, management, management solutions, strategic and innovation management, etc.
The Organizational Development department provides specialists grounding in the main fundamental management disciplines including organization theory, control system research, organization behavior, human resources management, management, state and municipal control systems.
The Economics and Management modeling department provides grounding in the whole spectrum of mathematics and informatics disciplines, including multicomputer systems, the Internet, management dataware, expert systems, mathematical principles of management, statistics, logic, logistics, project management, etc.
The Marketing and Advertising department is a leader in programmes such as Marketing and Advertising. It provides teaching of professional disciplines such as marketing, marketing research, marketing analysis, marketing communications, commodity research, advertising product development and production methods, creative approaches in advertising as well as planning and implementation of an advertising campaign, etc.