Postal address: Miusskaya sq, 6, Moscow, GSP-3, 125993, Russia
Tel.: +7(495) 250-68-60

The School of Economics at the RSUH Institute of Economics, Management and Law consists of three academic departments:

All the three departments grant degrees.


  • Crisis Management
  • International Economics
  • Finance and Credit
  • Economic Theory
  • Economic and Enterprise Management (Urban planning)


  • Bachelor Degree: Economics
  • Masters degrees: International Economics Analysis, Banking, Global Economy, Finance, Economic and Social Policy, Market and Corporate Economy.

Academic staff - 47people - 12 Doctors of Science, professors, 28 Philosophy Doctors, assistants  and associate professors.

The School prepares specialists for government bodies, public secotr and non-profit organizations, large multinational and small business, banks, service sector, insurance companies, joint ventures and trade representative offices.
The academic department of economic theory deals with acute problems of economic development, comparative analysis of economic models, state regulations in economy, real estate property, labor market analysis etc.
The academic department of global economy specializes in global markets, international business relations, and international trade.
The academic department of finance and credit provides the training of specialists in monetary and credit activities, financial accounting, insurance and banking, finance management in public and private sectors.