Specialization in: International business, international tourism, international economic cooperation

Mode of Study: full-time (budget/contractual), evening courses (contractual)

Key features: the teaching is aimed at preparing specialists equipped with deep insight into structure and development processes in the economy world-wide and in Russia. Graduates are taught to understand the nature and peculiarities f the current economic trends, they are capable of handling the problems of international economic relations.

The program is built around a central core in foreign economic activities relevant to public and private sectors. Strong academic background in combination with practical skills allows students to apply it during the internship in the leading institutions, public and private offices, ministries and departments, Russian and foreign fiscal companies, institutes of the Russian Academy of Science.

Multidisciplinary degree with compulsory learning of the two languages, advanced courses in economics, specially designed courses. The curriculum includes: international business activities, global markets, foreign investments, joint ventures, global economy, international credit-monetary systems, customs, international marketing etc.