Specialty: 062100 – Human Resources Management (established 2003).
Qualification: Manager
Educational forms: full-time tuition (budget and contractual) and prime-time tuition (contractual).
Programme outline:
Specialist’s grounding is accomplished within the framework of the basic concept of the Russian State University for the Humanities. The concept is from the creation of a new university model, based on a multi-faceted education. The university concept is also directed to fundamental grounding in a wide range of disciplines that have deep humanitarian roots and the best traditions of the Russian and international Higher School.
The programme is staffed by highly-qualified teaching staff, including specialists who carry out scientific profile work and employees from industry, who have a rich experience in the sphere of Human Resources Management. The students undertake work experience in organizations and enterprises of various ownerships and organizational and legal forms, which gives the students an opportunity to improve their theoretical knowledge, to obtain practical skills to solve problems independently and to collect materials for conducting research projects and writing term and graduation papers.
A graduate from our University will be a specialist in Human Resources Management. He will have knowledge in the sphere of team planning, recruiting, casting, hiring, career-guidance, adaptation to the business, business career planning, estimation, attestation, teaching, qualification advancement and retraining and providing information and a law base for the Human Resources process, etc. At the same time, personal attention is paid to every employee. He will receive opportunities to uncover his potential and to develop himself professionally and socially. He is grounded for personnel quality control, which in many respects determines the final results of an organization’s activities. That is why it is quite natural that nowadays Human Resources Managers, who are able to solve such problems, are ranked in sixth place for employment in Russia in terms of prestige and salary.