General information

1. These Rules regulate admission to the educational programs at RSUH for international students (also referred to as “applicants”, “prospective students”), that is, non-Russian citizens and people without citizenship.

2. Admission to and education at RSUH is effected in conformity with the international and intergovernmental agreements maintained by the Russian Federation.  In some cases the prospective students are eligible for the federal budget financial aid (according to the quota set by the Government of the Russian Federation).

3. In all other cases the student (or the organization representing him/her) is responsible for making the payments.

4. International students are eligible for the federal budget financial aid

4.1.  as established by the Government of the Russian Federation (Government Decree #638 of 25 August “On Cooperation with Foreign Countries in the Field of Education”).  The students are required to have a referral by the Federal Education Agency;

4.2. in conformity with the Agreement on Equal Rights for the Citizens of States Members of the Agreement on Furthering Integration in Economic and Liberal Arts Fields of 29 March 1996, enabling international students to be admitted to the institutions as approved by the Governmental Decree of the Russian Federation #662 of 22 June 1999; 

  • in conformity with the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Education of 15 May 1992,  
  • concluded in Tashkent;
  • in conformity with the Agreement between Russia and Georgia on Cooperation in the Field   
  • of Culture, Science and Education #43 of 2 February 1994;
  • in conformity with other agreements of the Russian Federation.  

4.3. on the basis of a document confirming that the holder is a participant in the State Relocation Program that assists Russian nationals living abroad in returning to Russia (the Program was sanctioned by the Presidential Decree of the Russian Federation #637 of 22 June 2006).

4.4. in conformity with Federal Law #99 of 24 May 1999 “On State Policy of the Russian Federation as Regards Russian Nationals Abroad” (hereinafter referred to as “Federal Law”).

5. Admission to RSUH of international students who fall into the paragraphs 4.2 – 4.4 of these Rules is effected on a competitive basis unless otherwise provided for by the laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.

6. Admission of international students who wish to pay for their education or those whose fees are paid for them by an organization (hereinafter referred to as “contract students”), is effected within the range established by the License to Carry out Educational Activities, on the conditions set forth every academic year.

7. Admission of foreign students to majors that are open yet related to military occupations is approved only with an express permission of the Federal body of the specially assigned Executive branch.  Such approval is given on the basis of the decision of the special Committee of the Federal Education Agency (“Committee on Admission to Open Military-Related Majors”).

8. During admission period RSUH provides a phone hotline (in Russian and in English) at       +7 (495) 250 6531 and e-mail assistance at