9. Application for international students is subject to the following application deadlines:

9.1. for international students who fall into the paragraphs 4.1 – 4.2 the deadline is established by the Federal Education Agency;

9.2. for contract students the deadline is established by the Admissions Committee of RSUH.

10. first-year international students can apply for a maximum of three majors (specializations) and for different types of education (regular, evening, off-campus, etc).

Those who have a Unitary State Exam (hereinafter referred to as “USE”) Certificate can use it as a required entrance document.

Application documents sent by mail will not be admitted later than the established deadline.

11. When applying to RSUH (the application letter should be in Russian) an international student needs to present the following documents:

  • the original document (or a duly notarized copy), accepted by the Russian Federation, certifying that the holder has graduated from a pre-University institution or higher, and, if needed, with a nostrification/legalization document attached (if such service is provided by the legal system of the native country).  The documents are listed under paragraph 13 of the present Rules;
  • a duly translated graduation document (e.g. high school diploma) with all attachments coming with it (if such attachments are provided for by the educational system of the native country);
  • a copy of the document proving the applicant’s identity (accepted is a copy of a non-resident Russian ID in conformity with Federal Law #115 of 25 July 2002);
  • copies of documents or other evidence certifying that the applicant belongs to the groups mentioned in Article 4 of the Federal Law;
  • a copy of the Russian visa if the applicant arrived at Russia with such a visa;
  • 6 photos, black and white, 3X4 cm.

All Russian translations should be effected in the name of the applicant as indicated/spelled in the visa.

12. An international student applying for a B.A. program or a specialist program needs to provide a high school diploma or its equivalent accepted in the Russian Federation.

An international student applying for an M.A. program needs to provide a B.A. diploma or its equivalent accepted in the Russian Federation.   

13. Those international students applying under the quota as established by the Governmental Decree of the Russian Federation #638 of 25 August 2008 (“On Cooperation with Foreign Countries in the Field of Education”) need to provide a referral by the Federal Education Agency.

14. In the application letter (with personal signature) the applicant states the fact of firsthand acquaintance with

  • RSUH License to Effect Educational Activities;
  • State Accreditation Certificate;
  • information on the chosen major/specialization.

The applicant is also required to submit (with personal signature) the following:

  • official USE scores or the address of the testing site if taking USE during the extra period (when applying with USE scores);
  • a document certifying that the applicant has read and understood the information on the entrance scores appeal procedure;
  • an agreement to have his/her data processed in conformity with Federal Law #152 of 27 July 2006 “On Personal Data”.

In cases when the applicant submits inaccurate data, RSUH reserves the right to return the documents to the applicant.

15. Upon submitting the documents the applicant is given a written confirmation receipt.