The Russian integration into education consists of preparation for the quickest introduction of two-level educational system into the higher school of our country.
Academic degree and magistracy – are the education according to the European system, which is currently used in many Russian universities on the basis of the Bolognan convention. The two-level system implies the educational programme during 4 years to take the degree of «bachelor» and also 2 years to take the degree of «master ». Training the bachelor is characterized by the concentration of the educational process, essentially, according to the solid training in the definite directions, united the whole group of fields. Having taken the degree of bachelor, a graduating student can work at any state, municipal and commercial enterprises. The further advanced studies in chosen direction are carried out in the magistrates.
At present in the University of Economy, Management and Law is successfully functioned the academic degree in such directions as «Economy» and «Management», and also the magistrates in the directions «International economy», «State and municipal management», «Management of the systems of logic». Such spheres of jurisprudence as the academic degree and the magistrates are assumed the civil and state governed directions.
Taking the master degree on the programme «International economy» offers the graduating student the challenge to take part in the international business and to work at the joint enterprises or at the Russian companies abroad.
Studying in administrative, economic and legal disciplines of application layers, skills of comprehensive analytical activity and planning glide, and also knowledge of foreign languages enable the graduating students to conduct the practical activity in conditions of different regions, countries and fields. At the same time the usage of acquirement on the sphere of management theory and solid knowledge of economic theory clears the way of academic and sectoral researches and educational organizations in Russia and abroad for the graduating students.
Work and pregraduation practices of future bachelors and masters are in the ministries and departments, research institutes РАН, Russian missions of international companies, international departments of Russian corporations.
The construction of master programme conforms to the international standards; it permits the graduating students to continue the studying abroad. The undergraduates can prepare to pass qualifying exams, and if the result is successful – you can enter the postgraduate course with the period of 2 years.