Specialty: 030501 – «Jurisprudence» (is established in 1999).
Qualification: lawyer


  • state law;
  • civil law;
  • international law;
  • finance law;
  • criminal law

Educational forms: full-time tuition, full-time and postal tuition, prime-time tuition The educational programme of the specialty «Jurisprudence» corresponds to the concept of the University development. It is implemented according to the requirements of the Federal law «About education», which is the state educational standard on the basis of the curriculum subject to the specialties opened at the faculty.
The main aim of the programme is the integrated development of the system of legal education at the University, that provides the grounding of qualified professional lawyers, who are able to practice lawmaking and law enforcement activities in different spheres of social life and state and law activity.
The special attention in lawyer’s grounding is paid to the consolidation of connection between legal education and practice. While forming the faculty, the department tries to get involved in the educational process the most famous lawyers, who actively do scientific work, take direct part in modern legal policy of Russia, establishment and development of new legal institutions. The connections with the Department of Justice of Russia, the public prosecutor’s office of Russia, Constitutional Court of Russia, Moscow government, committees of State Duma and Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, institutes of higher education, namely law departments of MSU, MSJA, the Russian Academy of Sciences, etc.
In modern conditions law department of the IEML RSUH is occupied with the modernization of educational complexes, paying special attention to the development of specializations, offered by the chairs, by adoption of innovation techniques and programmes with the aim of further improving of specialist’s grounding.
Law department provides the grounding of high-qualified specialists within the bounds of getting the second higher education with the speciality 030501 (021100) «Jurisprudence». The prime-time grounding, using individual plans subject to the first higher education, is offered.